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Briefing of KUNA main news for Friday until 00:00 GMT

RAMALLAH - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the Israeli plan to extend the offensive on Gaza to the overcrowded southern city of Rafah, warning the move is "a real threat and a dangerous prelude" to Israel's forcible expulsion of Palestinians out of their land.
WASHINGTON - Alice Wairimu Nderitu, UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, reiterated the call for a humanitarian ceasefire and protection of civilians in the Gaza Strip.
WASHINGTON - The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) called for refraining from military escalation in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, where more than 600,000 children and their families have been displaced.
WASHINGTON - US President Joe Biden issued a memorandum demanding the countries receiving US weapons to abide by international law, international humanitarian law, human rights law and the US policy.
ISTANBUL - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has affirmed Turkiye's commitment to diplomatic efforts aimed at forming a unified Islamic stance against Israeli wrongdoing.
ISLAMABAD - The results of general elections in Pakistan started to pour in Friday, where independent candidates lead the polls amid allegations of rigging as poll results faced delay. (end) ibi