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US expresses regret at termination of peace agreement in Mali

WASHINGTON, Feb 2 (KUNA) -- The United State expressed, late Thursday, its regret over the decision of the Transitional Military Council in the Republic of Mali to terminate the peace and reconciliation agreement.
In a briefing at the ministry's headquarters, the US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said "we regret the transition government's withdrawal from the Algiers Accord, which, if fully implemented, would have provided more stability for all Malians and the whole region".
" We remain concerned by the resumption of hostilities and the risk of returning to civil war among the signatory armed groups to the Algiers Accord and the transition government, including its Wagner Group partners", Miller added.
On January 25, the ruling Transitional Military Council in Mali announced the immediate termination of the peace and reconciliation agreement signed in Algeria in 2015 between the Malian government and the armed Azawad Movements.(end) rsr.nhq