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Attack in northern Iraq deprives millions of power in biting cold

IRBIL, Jan 26 (KUNA) -- Most areas of the Kurdistan Region, currently witnessing severe cold weather, suffered power outage last night as a result of an attack on a gas complex in Sulaimaniyah province.
The local government said in a statement on Friday that the Mor Khor gas complex in Jemjal region that supplies power to most nothern areas was attacked with rockets -- presumably Katyushas -- causing power outage in most areas of the Kurdistan Region.
For its part, the power department said in a statement that the electrical supplies were halted due a fire that erupted at the complex, adding that firemen battled the blazes.
The UAE gas company, Dana, said in a statement gas production was halted temporarily at the complex after it was attacked, adding that a drone struck a tank for liquids.
US Ambassador to Iraq Alina Romanowski said in a statement the attack demolished the infrastructure at the gas complex and deprived millions of people of electricity at the peak of the cold winter. (end) sbr.rk