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Authorities: Transportation in Germany halts due to freezing weather

BERLIN, Jan 17 (KUNA) -- German authorities said on Wednesday that air and land transportation were disrupted due to the freezing weather conditions.
Fraport, operator of Frankfurt airport, said that 570 of the 1,047 scheduled flights for the day were cancelled due to heavy snowfall.
Fraport added that it did not rule out the cancellation of more flights and advised passengers to inquire with airlines about the flow of air traffic to and from the airport over the coming days.
As for railway companies, warning were issued on their web pages about weather conditions with journeys between major cities such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Cologne.
German cities and municipalities in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg in the southwest, Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg in the north and Brandenburg in the east reported dozens of accidents in addition to the closure of a number of highways.
Hamburg police said that hundreds of snow removal vehicles and employees have been working tirelessly to remove snow from streets to help the traffic flow.
Germany's National Meteorological Service (DWD) warned of snowfall and frost that would continue to disturb transportation in the coming days. (end) ang.dss