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Major events in Libya, Mauritania '23:

President of Mauritania with his Egyptian counterpart
President of Mauritania with his Egyptian counterpart
KUWAIT, Dec 29 (KUNA) -- Libya and Mauritania were the scene of several key events in 2023, covering a number of fields and coming as follows: Feb 24: The Libyan Presidential Council approves the 13th constitutional amendment in a significant step towards the direction for holding presidential and parliamentary elections as soon as possible.
May 23: The 6+6 Joint Libyan committee, tasked with preparing elections laws, concluded its meeting in Morocco with an affirmation regarding laws on Presidential and parliamentary elections.
May 25: Libyan authorities said that they were eager to boost commercial exchange with Turkiye to reach USD 15 billion.
Aug. 16: A cease-fire is worked out to halt fighting between warring militias in the capital Tripoli where 27 people have been killed and 106 others have receive injuries.
Sept. 11: Whole residential districts have been wiped out and many people perish in flash floods sweeping East Libya.
Sept. 11: Authorities declare that more than 2,000 people have perished and many others reported missing in the deadly floods.
Sept 12: Death toll of the sweeping floods rises to 5,300. Oct. 1: The parliament, headquartered in East Libya, unanimously approves a bill for electing a head of the State and holding parliamentary polls.
Oct. 9: The UNESCO dispatches a delegation to Libya to give a hand in the efforts to restore normalcy, particularly in the educational and heritage protection realms, in the aftermath of the devastating cyclone, Daniel.
May 23: Former Mauritanian President Mohammad Ould Abdulaziz faced trial on suspicion of corruption and money laundering.
June 4: Mauritania and Egypt called for an immediate ceasefire in Sudan.
Dec 15: Mauritania and the European Union sign an agreement to establish a regional cell for the EU for coordination among Al-Sahel countries. (end) kt.ed