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Major events in Somalia '23:

Military operations by Somali army against terorrist groups
Military operations by Somali army against terorrist groups
KUWAIT, Dec 29 (KUNA) -- Somalia saw many events in 2023 in several areas, coming as follows: Jan 4: Somalia announced that a number of people were killed and others injured in terrorist attacks by Al-Shabaab militia in central Somalia.
Jan 9: Somali officials said that 61 "terrorists" were killed and others injured from Al-Khawarij militia during a military operation.
Jan 10: Somalia announced the death of 15 Al-Khawarij militia members in a military operation.
Jan 14: Somali President Hassan Sheikh launches a campaign to hunt "unidentified" extremists in Mogadishu and liberated areas.
Jan 16: The Somali military announces it has killed 23 militants of Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab in Middle Shabelle Region in collaboration with African peacekeeping forces.
Jan 17: Somali Defense Minister Abdulkadir Mohammad Nur declares that an area in Galgaduud Province in central Somalia was retaken from militants.
Jan 17: The Somali military declares that it has killed 21 Al-Shabaab militants in Middle Shabelle Region.
Jan 18: At least 25 militants of Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab were killed in a joint military operation involving army, security and intelligence forces in Middle Shabelle Region.
Jan 19: The Somali Defense Ministry declares that 49 militants of Al-Shabaab were killed in a planned military operation in southeastern Somalia.
Jan 20: Somalia announces that seven military personnel, including a high-ranking officer, and 100 militants of Al-Shabaab were killed in violent clashes in central Somalia.
Jan 21: US Africa Command (AFRICOM) declares that it has launched an air defense strike in Somalia, killing at least 30 "terrorists" of Al-Shabaab and destroying three vehicles.
Jan 22: The Somali Information Ministry declares the end of a security operation in Banaadir's administrative headquarters in Mogadishu, repulsing an attack by six Al-Shabaab gunmen.
Feb 22: Somalia declares that scores of Al-Shabaab militants were killed in a military attack in southwestern Somalia and Mogadishu.
Jan 25: The Somali army announces that it has killed 50 Al-Shabaab militants in collaboration with international partners.
Jan 29: Somalia announces that 136 Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab militants were killed in a military operation in Middle Shabelle Region.
Feb 11: Somalia announces that 117 militants of Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab militants were killed in an eight-hour-long military operation.
Feb 14: The Somali military says that 50 Al-Sabaab militants were killed in violence clashes in central Somalia.
Feb 15: Some 32 militants of Al-Shabaab were killed in a military attack in central Somalia.
Feb 23: Official media reports say that 40 militants of Al-Shabaab, linked to Al-Qaeda organization, were killed in an army operation in collaboration with international partners in central Somalia.
Feb 25: The Somalia army says it has retaken several areas which remained under Al-Shabab's control for more than 10 years in Hiran and Middle Shabelle regions.
Feb 28: Somalia announces that 10 terrorists were killed in Hiran Province in central Somalia.
March 2: The European Union (EU) policy and security committee agrees to provide additional aid to the Somali military and the African Union military forces.
March 7: The Somali military announces that it has intercepted a "failed terrorist" attack by Al-Shabaab militants on a military base in southern Somalia.
March 12: The Somali military says seven militants of Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab, including a field leader, were killed in an operation in southern Somalia.
March 15: The Somali armed forces' court executes three people involved in terrorist crimes and killing innocent civilians.
March 21: The Somali military says more than 30 militants of Al-Qaeda Al-Shabaab were killed.
April 1: The Somali army killed 14 members of the Khawarej militia southwest of the country.
April 15: The Somali army killed around 10 Al-Shabab militia gunmen in clashes south of the country.
April 22: The Somali army ward off an attack on a military base in Galguduud region, central Somalia.
April 26: Somalia evacuated 18 nationals stranded in Sudan, which witnessed infighting between the Rapid Support Forces and the Sudanese army.
April 30: Some 123 Somalis were evacuated from Sudan.
May 15: The governments of Kenya and Somalia agreed to report joint land borders.
May 28: Somali intelligence arrested a major figure of the Shabab militia during an operation near the capital Mogadishu.
June 13: The Somali army announced that a major Khawarj leader, named Abu Sahel, was killed during operations in the Lower Juba region, southern Somalia.
June 20: Somalia's army eliminated 63 Khawarj militia operatives during operations throughout the country.
July 9: The Somali Army declares takeover of the region Hafr in Lower Juba.
July 16: Sixteen members of the outlawed organization Al-Shabab have been killed in an army military operation in the central state of Galguduud.
July 19: Eighteen Al-Shabab militiamen have been killed in clashes with the army troops in central Somalia.
July 26: Authorities declare that more than 60 members of "Al-Khawarej" militants have been killed by the government forces in the southwestern region Bay. (Authorities have decided to name Al-Shabab militants as Al-Khawarej, an allusion to a rogue group that appeared in the old times of Islam's history).
Aug. 6: Prime Minister Hamza Abid Barri declares that the government has formed a 10,000-strong regular force to fight al-Shabab.
Au. 29: Somalia inks an accord with the US to aid the African nation with USD 92.6 million for funding development ventures.
Sept. 12: Authorities declare that 120 Al-Shabah militants have been killed in a qualitative operation that involved forces from friendly nations in Mudug, central Somalia.
Oct. 6: The Somali Army declares killing 20 members of the outlawed Al-Shabab militia in a central region.
Oct 6: The army carries out a military operation killing 100 Al-Shabab militiamen in central Somalia.
Nov. 12: Up to 31 people lose their life in torrential rains and flash floods swamping the nation's provinces.
Nov. 20: The army kills four Al-Shabab militiamen including a chief in the heart of Somalia.
Dec. 3: More than 60 Al-Shabab militiamen die in a military operation in central Somalia.
Dec. 23: Up to 55 Al-Shabab militiamen die in an operation carried by government troops and forces of friendly states in the center of Somalia.
Dec. 24: Up to 130 Al-Shabab militiamen lose their lives in a combing operation by the government forces in center of the nation. (end) kt.ed