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Major events in Morocco '23:

An earthquake hit Morocco damages houses
An earthquake hit Morocco damages houses
KUWAIT, Dec 29 (KUNA) -- Morocco witnessed many events in 2023, covering many domains. The following are key events throughout the year: Jan 12: The ISSF World Cup Shotgun kicked off in Morocco with the participation of 36 shooters from 45 countries.
Jan 28: Foreign minister Nasser Bourita announced re-opening Morocco Embassy in Baghdad after 18 years of closing.
Feb 17: King Mohammed VI said expectations show severe climate change that will pose threat to the lives of 118 million Africans for poorer categories by 2030.
March 14: King Mohammed VI announced that his country is a candidate to co-host the FIFA World Cup 2030 with Portugal and Spain.
May 3: The first consultative meeting of the Arab Committee for industrial development gathered in Morocco with the participation of 12 countries.
May 9: Morocco and the UK signed an agreement on clean energy and climate cooperation during a Rabat meeting.
May 25: Morocco unveiled two types of eco-friendly vehicles.
May 30: The first gathering of the Arab League Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Organization's (ALECSO) heads of Jerusalem cultural committees was held in Morocco.
June 5: Morocco announced the 19th "African Lion" joint exercise began with the participation of Moroccan and US troops.
June 16: Morocco defeated Kuwait by 7-1 goals in the final of the Arab futsal tournament, winning the trophy.
June 21: The 53rd session of the Council of Arab Information Ministers began in Rabat with the meeting focusing on the Palestinian cause and the situation in Jerusalem.
July 28: The Moroccan soccer team under 28 wins the Africa cup after beating Egypt 2-1 in the final match.
Sept. 6: The Moroccan Government declares a plan to launch the green hydrogen project next year as part of an approach to render the nation a mecca for consumers of renewable energy.
Sept. 9: A strong quake jolts Morocco killing 296 people.
Sept. 9: Authorities declare the quake toll rises to 1,305 deaths and 1,832 injured.
Sept. 9: Morocco declares three days of national morning for victims of the fiery earthquake.
Sept. 11: The interior Ministry declared that the casualty toll of the destructive quake has climbed to 2,497 deaths and 2,476 injured.
Sept. 13: The interior ministry declares that the quake toll has risen further reaching 2,946 deaths and 5,674 injured.
Sept. 20: Morocco declares USD 11 billion will be earmarked for rebuilding quake-devastated regions.
Sept 27: Morocco is designated to host the cup of African nations tournament in 2025.
Oct. 10: More than 960,000 tourists visit Morocco in September despite a fiery quake that jolted the nation on September 8.
Nov. 20: Morocco is designated to host some games of the 2030 World Cup.
Dec. 11: The Moroccan soccer team is crowned as the top African team in 2023. The Egyptian Al-Ahli Club has been designated as the best sports club in the continent during the annual celebration organized by the African Union in Morocco. (end) kt.ed