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Major events in Oman '23

KUWAIT, Dec 28 (KUNA) -- Oman witnessed many events in 2023 that touched on many fields. Following are major events throughout the year: Feb 27: Oman launched a portal for investor services to enhance the investment sector.
May 26: Omani Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced an agreement between Iran and Belgium on a mutual release of "detained" nationals in the two countries.
July 31: The activities of the Third Arab Forum for Tourism and Heritage and the "Oscars of Tourism Media 2023" ceremony, organized by the Arab Union for Tourism Media kicked off.
Oct 10: Secretary-General of the GCC, announced that the Joint Ministerial Council for the 27th session with EU will be held in Muscat.
Oct 10: Secretary-General of the GCC confirmed that the Joint Ministerial Council for the 27th session between the GCC and the European Union will be held in Muscat.
Oct 29: Omani women attend the Democratic Day of Oman, which consists of electing members, organizing and facilitating the election process.
Oct 29: Oman used artificial intelligence and electronic voting techniques in the elections for the tenth session of the Omani Shura Council.
Oct 31: The ministers concerned with housing affairs in the GCC countries held the 21st committee meeting in Muscat.
Nov 7: Omani Ministry of Health signed a MoU with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority in the field of safety and efficiency of performance of medical devices and supplies.
Nov 7: Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council confirmed that the visa project unified the Gulf tourism sector is an added achievement to the council.
Nov 9: Ministers, governors, and e-government program officials in the GCC countries launched the electronic portal developed in the GCC countries during the seventh meeting of the Ministerial Committee for e-Government in Muscat.
Nov 9: Sultan Haitham bin Tareq, issued a decree granting the Sultanate's Minister of Finance the authority to exempt from taxes.
Nov 16: Gulf Transport Ministers approved December 2030 as a target date for implementing and operating the railway project among the gulf, during the 25th meeting of the committee.
Dec 11: Oman announced a decrease in public revenues, reaching by the end of last October about USD 25.5 billion, recording a decrease of 17 percent compared to revenues for the same period last year, amounting to USD 30.8 billion.
Dec 16: Oman declared official mourning and suspending work for three days due to the death of the late Amir Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. (end) kt.ahm