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Kuwait food firms stress importance of promoting nat'l products in int'l exhibitions

By Islam Abdelfattah (News report)

CAIRO, Dec 14 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti food companies said Thursday that participating in international exhibitions is a great opportunity to promote national products outside Kuwait, as well as discover latest updates in the food industries, and cooperate with major international companies.
The Kuwaiti companies are participating in the 8th International Exhibition for Food and Beverages (Food Africa) under the Public Authority for Industry's umbrella, held in Cairo between 12 to 14 December, said companies' spokespersons in a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).
The exhibition offers innovative ways to showcase small and midsize food businesses and discover wide investment opportunities in international markets, said (Bint Manahi ready meals) factory founder Hanadi Al-Hajri.
Bint Manahi factory produces products to several countries in the MENA region and seeks to expand its brand to other markets through (Food Africa) exhibition, added Al-Hajri.
The factory specializes in high-quality authentic ready-made frozen products including traditional Kuwaiti dishes.
Bader Al-Daihani, representative for (Aqwat) Factory for Pastries and Sweets stressed the importance of participating in (Food Africa) exhibition to show high-quality Kuwaiti products, and be acquainted with developments in the food industry through experts in the field.
He praised the efforts of the Public Authority for Industry for improving the quality of food products, and providing the opportunity for Kuwaiti factories to participate with more major Arab companies, specialized in the field of food industry.
Assistant Chief of Exported Sales at Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries Company Badria Al-Rashed said that this is not the first time the company participates in (Food Africa) exhibition, an important international food industries exhibition.
According to Al-Rashed, the level of organization and number of expert traders, exporters and importers from all around the world is impressive, contributing to the spread of the company and the increase of its market shares, thanks to the exchange in experience between major companies at the local and international levels.
Most of the products displayed in the Kuwaiti pavilion are flour, pasta, biscuits, baked goods, and olives, she said, pointing out that the products received great praise from the exhibition's audience.
Food Africa began late Tuesday, with over 900 companies representing 32 countries participating, Kuwait being one of them (Official Exhibition Partner).
The Kuwaiti side of the exhibition contained 12 specialized factories in the food industry, including dairy, baked goods, packaging, coffee grinding, spicies, olives, sweets, and ready-made foods. (end) ism.sas