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Kenyan Pres: Int'l political structures no longer fit for purpose

Kenya's President William Ruto
Kenya's President William Ruto
BRUSSELS, Nov 21 (KUNA) -- Kenya's President William Ruto called for stronger international cooperation, on Tuesday, to fight climate change, combat poverty and tackle conflicts, but also called for a fundamental redefinition of international cooperation.
"It is increasingly clear that the international political structures established in the 20th century are no longer fit for purpose," he told the European Parliament in a formal sitting in Strasbourg.
He called for a fundamental redefinition of international cooperation that would move beyond arrangements that perpetuate cycles of indebtedness and dependence.
"In today's interconnected world, where the fortunes of all nations are tightly woven together, a new era of cooperation and collective action is necessary for a prosperous and peaceful world in the face of threats that transcend borders and oceans," stressed the Kenyan leader.
President Ruto paid particular attention in his address to the challenges caused by climate change, making everyone equal "in the face of a shared global challenge, transcending all divides North-South, East-West, developed and developing." "When it comes to green economy, our reality is marked differently from that of Europe.
Over 600 million Africans are deprived of access to energy, a fundamental prerequisite for dignified living and the provision of basic yet vital services like health and education," he noted.
"Adding to this is the fact that almost 1 billion Africans lack access to clean cooking.
While the global narrative often emphasizes energy transition for most of Africa.
It is about energy growth, energy expansion and energy access," added President Ruto. (end) nk.mb