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White House: Gaza hospitals should not be scenes of firefights

WASHINGTON, Nov 20 (KUNA) -- The White House commented Monday on the scenes coming from the Gaza Strip where the Israeli occupation army is waging a merciless war on the densely-populated Palestinian territory, saying that hospitals should not be turned into battlefields.
"Hospitals should not be the scenes of firefights. We've been very clear about that," the White House National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby announced in a press briefing.
"We've got patients in there, you got medical staff, you got people whose lives are literally at risk and are innocent victims of this.
"They shouldn't be put at more risk than they already are being held up in a hospital or holed up in a hospital because of health issues can't and can't move," he stressed.
Asked about the Israeli attack on the Indonesian hospital in Gaza on the pretext that Hamas uses it, the US official said that his country has no intelligence information confirming that.
"So we don't want to see firefights in hospitals. I don't have any specific intelligence about the degree to which Hamas is or is not using that particular hospital, nothing to share today," he said. (end) asj.ibi