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Arab League's customs, information cmte commences 32nd meeting

CAIRO, Sept 19 (KUNA) -- The 32nd meeting of the Arab League's customs and information committee started Tuesday at the headquarters of the General Secretariat, chaired by Saudi Arabia and the participation of representatives of the customs administrations in the Arab countries.
Chief of economic integration directorate at the League of Arab States, Bahjat Abu Al-Nasser said in his opening statement that the agenda would include a number of important topics.
Updating the relevant contact points, following up on customs issues, the Advance Rulings Guide, and the Arab Guide to the conditions and procedures for granting licenses and practicing the customs clearance profession will be discussed, Abu Al-Nasser added.
Member states will update the contact points concerned with following up on all customs issues related to the Greater Arab Free Trade Area and the Arab Customs Union negotiation phase, he noted Other issues will include the member states' comments on the unified guide to advance decisions, which will contribute to facilitate customs clearance procedures and requirements and the proper release of goods.
The meeting will focus on facilitating trade exchanges between member states and the outside world in general, as the guide was prepared to be compatible with the obligations of member states in the Agreement to Facilitate and Develop Trade Exchange between Arab Countries and as a guide to the best global practices in this field.
Member states' comments on the unified guide for the conditions and procedures for granting licenses and practicing the customs clearance profession in Arab countries will also be discussed, which regulates the relationship between customs administrations in member states and customs brokers to ensure border protection, and to help expedite the completion of customs procedures for imported and exported goods.
Abu Al-Nasser added that the league adopted a guide similar to the best international practices, laws and legislation that regulate the practice of the customs clearance profession, which were adopted by many countries such as the United States of America, Canada, India, Taiwan and the Philippines. Head of meeting, Saudi director of the customs control department Khaled Al-Arj emphasized on the importance of such committee, which will aid in facilitating Arab customs work hoping for more development in the Arab Customs Union.
He concluded his speech with a letter of condolences to the victims of Morocco's earthquake and Libya's floods and congratulating Syria for joining the meeting. (end) mfm.aaf.jsy