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Heathrow airport staff to strike on almost every weekend in summer

LONDON, June 7 (KUNA) -- Britain's Unite the Union announced Wednesday that it will organize a series of strikes during the next two months over low pay, which threatens to affect travel at Heathrow Airport during the height of the summer season.
Unite confirmed in a press statement that over 2,000 of its members, including security officers and inspection staff, will organize intermittent strikes for a period of 31 days, starting from June 24 to August 27.
The escalation of the strike derives from the refusal to approve an increase in salaries, which have been negatively affected since the COVID-19 pandemic and the unprecedented rise in inflation rates that followed, it explained.
It is expected that this strike will disrupt travel through Heathrow Airport, which is the largest and busiest in Britain, similar to the strike last March that coincided with the Easter holiday, which led to the disruption of dozens of departing flights, in addition to the formation of long queues for arriving passengers. (end) mrn.lr