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Kuwait voters gearing up to pick new legislature Tues.

News report by Abdullah Al-Enezi

KUWAIT, June 5 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti eligible voters are set to flow to polling stations nationwide tomorrow (Tuesday) in order to elect a new National Assembly (parliament), pinning high hopes that the country's aspired reforms and development would be notched up.
As many as 793,646 eligible voters involving 386,751 males and 406,895 females are poised to pick 50 out of 207 candidates to represent them at the new legislature for a term of four years.
Vote centers will open at 8:00 am local time (5:00 GMT) and close at 8:00 pm local time (5:00 GMT). Vote counting will begin immediately at polling places.
The fresh electoral race followed an order made in May to dissolve the former parliament "only out of respect for the people's will and return to the nation, which is the source of all power and authority".
Another edict was then announced, calling on voters to stand prepared to cast their ballots in a new electoral process slated for June 6 (Tuesday).
Thirty-four male and female rivals are vying in the Fist Constituency, where there are a total of 99,779 eligible voters, including 48,348 males and 51,431 females.
The Second Constituency has 45 male and female candidates contesting the race to win the votes of 90,394 people (44,289 males and 46,105 females).
There are 34 hopefuls, both males and females, in the Third Constituency, which has 137,978 voters (66,226 males and 71,752 females.
Forty-seven male and female candidates are competing for the votes of 208,740 people (100,832 males and 107,908 females) in the Fourth Constituency.
The Fifth Constituency includes 47 rivals and 256,755 eligible voters (127,056 males and 129,699 females).
All ministries, authorities and state bodies have been working together for weeks in order to ensure the country's electoral race by taking all required measures and putting all potential at the disposal of voters.
The Ministry of Information, for its part, has invited 50 media representatives from all over the world to cover the parliamentary vote.
The Kuwaiti cabinet has recently asked several nongovernment organizations (NGOs) to partake in watching the country's forthcoming parliamentary elections due on June 6, only out of its commitment to ensuring fair and transparent elections. (end) ae.mt