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AICTU organizes regional conference on cybersecurity

By: Clovis Choueifaty BEIRUT, May 30 (KUNA) -- The Arab Internet and Communication Technologies Union (AICTU), in cooperation with the League of Arab States, organized Tuesday the third regional conference entitled "Securing the Future of artificial intelligence (AI) and Cybersecurity in the digital age." Speaking to KUNA, the Lebanese Telecommunications Minister Johnny Corm said that this conference, held in Beirut, discussed the issue of securing the future of cybersecurity in the digital age with all the changes in the world of technology.
Lebanon is going through a severe economic crisis and needs attention, and attention is directed to the private sector considering the deteriorating conditions of official institutions in Lebanon, he added.
Lebanon is at the core of the Arab world as communication is complete, effective, and in solidarity with all Arab countries on technology issues, he pointed out.
From his side, Rapporteur of the Information Technology Committee in the Lebanese Parliament MP Elias Hankach told KUNA that Lebanon needs to communicate with the world despite the cloudy weather it is living in, and that it has all the human resources that Arabs need to play a vital role in technology.
Arabs should think in an advanced way since the capabilities of young men and women in technology can revive societies and countries to play a crucial and new role in the world of digital transformation, and Lebanon can be a platform for the entire Arab world, he added.
In the opening speech of the conference, Minister Plenipotentiary at the Arab League Khaled Wali said that the Arab League prepared the strategy for cybersecurity in cooperation with AICTU and is preparing a strategy for AI.
The strategy for communications and information will result in projects and initiatives that need funding and cooperation between international organizations and the establishment of international and local funds to finance projects and prepare the communications infrastructure, he mentioned.
He said that some Arab governments neglected the private sector, although its participation in the world of communications is very important and has contributed to many projects.
The conference discussed cybersecurity issues in the digital age, technology between presenting reality and imagination, the ecosystem approach to cybersecurity, global challenges of cyberthreats, opportunities for job challenges, media and communication. (end) kbs.lr