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Japan Blue Impulse...source of courage and hope

"Blue Impulse" draws a cherry blossom in the sky
"Blue Impulse" draws a cherry blossom in the sky

By Miyoko Ishigami 

(Photo feature) TOKYO, May 18 (KUNA) -- Blue Impulse is the nickname of an aerobatic flight team belonging to the Japan Air Self-Defense Force.
Founded in 1960, the elite team is currently stationed at Matsushima Air Base in Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan.
The team performs spectacular acrobatic maneuvers with six T-4 jets painted in white and blue livery at various air shows, major national festivals and ceremonies, as well as international events in Japan like the Olympic Games.
It is one of the few aerobatic teams in the world that specializes in drawing images in the sky using smoke. Known for its precise and close formation flying, the beautiful and majestic flights by Blue Impulse inspire many people.
In Japan, Blue Impulse is also regarded as a source of courage and hope to people who face difficulties. (end) mk.mt