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Wild fires rage in North Spain

MADRID, April 1 (KUNA) -- Wild fires have been raging out of control in northern Spain and local officials have branded the chain of blazes as "environmental terrorism," triggered by arsonists.
The Spanish television said there were up to 91 fires raging in the woods of Asturias, inflicting massive damage and forcing thousands of residents to flee their houses.
More than 700 firemen are battling the blazes, fueled with gale winds.
The television quoted two mayors in the region as saying they assembled indications that the fires had been started by arsonists, branding the catastrophe as "environmental terrorism." In the northwestern most region of Galicia, firemen put out two fires that damaged 1,500 hectares of woods. Another fire was extinguished in Valencia where damage was reported across 4,700 hectares of land.
Wilds fires are uncommon in Spain in spring time.
However these fires were fueled with draught, low humidity, fiery winds and scarce rain. The nation, in 2022, witnessed severe drought. (end) hnd.rk