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Luxembourg urges US, China to discuss peace initiative for Ukraine

BRUSSELS, March 23 (KUNA) -- Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel Thursday expressed his concern that the world is heading toward a bi-polar world , and opined that the US and China should together to discuss a peace initiative to end the war in Ukraine.
"It will be a pity if the world would fall into bi-polar world and the risk is there which makes me concerned. I want to avoid to see China and Russia on one side and the rest of the world on the other side," Bettel told reporters as he arrived for the EU summit in Brussels.
"I would like to say honestly. If we want peace in Ukraine it would be great if US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping could meet and discuss a joint peace initiative," he said.
"That would also be accepted by the others," he said, adding that Luxembourg is a tiny country with little influence.
He said China would be discussed in today's summit of EU leaders.
"I am not a lawyer for China. China was a partner, is still a partner but is also a competitor. I don't want to do China-bashing just for China-bashing. It is same for Tik Tok. In my country Tik Tok is not forbidden," said Bettel.
"I don't forbid TikTok because it's Chinese. But if I have evidence that there's something, I will ban it. I am not in favor of bashing or banning without having evidences," he stressed.
Bettel said he had asked the European Commission for more information about why it decided to suspend the use of TikTok on official's phones of the Commission, and added that he is "still waiting for the answer." (end) nk.hm