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Kuwait Bar Association celebrates 60 years of achievements

KUWAIT, Mar 23 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Bar Association is celebrating its 60th anniversary, with a history dating back to 1963 when it was first established and tasked with regulating lawyers work and protect the rights of its members.
In a statement to KUNA on Thursday, head of the association Lawyer Sharyan Al-Sharyan said the body is proud to have a group of prominent Kuwaiti lawyers who had developed the field throughout the years.
He added that he was pleased with having the association's members work as legislators in the National Assembly, while some of them had also worked in administrative positions inside the association.
On his part, deputy head of the association Lawyer Adnan Abul said the body has the biggest legal library for lawyers forums around the world, as well as digital archives with over 120,000 books.
Abul also noted that many governmental bodies started opening office branches inside the association, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' certification office, civil information, the Ministry of Justice's lawyer's center and and office for the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
Moreover, deputy head of international relations Lawyer Abdulrahman Al-Tahous said the association provides facilitations in executing legal procedures through the Justice Ministry's office, which can execute all procedures that are done in court. He underlined the role of the association in showcasing and enhancing the level of expertise of Kuwaiti lawyers around the world. This led Kuwait to chair the Arab Lawyers Association and receive the international lawyers memebership. (end) mbb.ag