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UNESCO to support earthquake casualties

PARIS, Feb 7 (KUNA) -- UN's specialized agency UNESCO on Tuesday has expressed their keenness to support Syria and Turkey in response to the impacts of the recent 7.4 scaled earthquake that has devastated a wide area comprising thousands of casualties.
A statement by UNESCO's Director-General Audrey Azoulay expressed sincere condolences for the families and loved ones affected by the earthquakes promising the agency "will provide assistance within its mandate".
She also mentioned that along with associates, sweeps of the damaged heritage site in the ancient city of Aleppo took place, noting that it's included amongst UN's world heritage sites.
The statement also mentioned the occurrence of damages on the ancient citadel of Aleppo's western tower of the city's wall as well as weakening a number of buildings in the market area.
While in Turkey, Diyarbakir and the cultural landscapes of the Gardens of Hevsel, which are considered "an important center for the Roman, Sasanian, Byzantine, Islamic and Ottoman eras," have also regretfully witnessed the collapse of many buildings.
There are also other world heritage sites not far from the impacted locations that could possibly be damaged such as Gobekli Tepe, Nemrut Dag and Tell Arslantepe.
It was also mentioned that affiliations with partners such as ECOMOS are underway to create an accurate damage assessment with the aim of quickly securing and stabilizing these sites. (end) ma.aq