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Kuwait affirms support of regional, Int'l efforts aimed at settling disputes peacefully

First Secretary Fahad Mohammad Hajji
First Secretary Fahad Mohammad Hajji
NEW YORK, Jan 28 (KUNA) -- The State of Kuwait affirmed supporting all regional and international efforts aimed at settling disputes peacefully.
This came in a statement delivered by First Secretary Fahad Mohammad Hajji before the Security Council session Friday evening under the title "Investing in people to enhance resilience in the face of complex challenges" during the discussion session "Peacebuilding and Peacekeeping".
The State of Kuwait is an absolute believer in peace constitutionally, as one of the articles of its constitution stipulates that peace is the state's goal and approach, as preventive diplomacy and mediation, preventing conflicts from arising and settling them by peaceful means are basic pillars of Kuwaiti foreign policy, he added.
Hajji affirmed that there are approaches in the UN Charter that encourage resolving disputes through peaceful means, specifically Chapter Six, which sets out steps to resolve any dispute between conflicting parties.
He pointed out that this comes through negotiations, investigation, mediation, conciliation, arbitration and judicial settlement, or by resorting to regional agencies and organizations or other means of their choice.
Moreover, he called for thinking about methods for effective action to prevent the outbreak of conflicts before they occur, stressing the importance of giving regional and sub-regional organizations a greater role in the field of conflict prevention and mediation in line with Chapter VIII of the UN Charter by deepening strategic partnerships with the UN in order to carry out mediation efforts. (end) asf.aa