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Iraqi ports: more than 55,000 visitors entered Basra for Gulf Cup

BAGHDAD, Jan 15 (KUNA) -- Director of the Iraqi Border Ports Commission Major General Omar Al-Waeli said on Sunday that more than 55,000 GCC visitors have entered Iraq so far, since the start of Gulf Cup 25, through Al-Basra International Airport and Safwan Border Crossing.
In a statement to KUNA, Al-Waeli said the total number of visitors who came through Al-Basra International Airport, since December 28th until today, reached 16,874 while 38,527 visitor entered through Safwan Border with Kuwait.
The total number of visitors amounted to 55,401, including fans, players, official delegations and media personnel from all countries participating in the tournament, added Al-Waeli.
The Iraqi government has provided great facilities for citizens of the Arab Gulf states and Yemen to enter the country and support their teams in the championship currently being held in Basra. (end) ah.seo