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Kuwait Hlt Min. raises medicine fees for residents

Ministry of Health
Ministry of Health
KUWAIT, Dec 18 (KUNA) -- A ministerial decision was issued on Sunday stipulating that residents and those with medical insurance would be paying higher medicine fees, said the Ministry of Health.
The decision aimed at stopping the squandering of medical supplies, and elevating healthcare services, the ministry said in a press statement.
Pharmacies at primary health clinics and Hospitals' Emergency Rooms throughout the country would require a payment of a fee of KD 5 in medicine fees, revealed the statement, adding that fees of KD 10 would be required for medicine dispensed at outpatient clinics.
It went on to say that, a KD 2 fee would apply for medical checkups at primary health clinics and Hospitals' Emergency Rooms, while KD 10 would be for outpatient clinics.
Some sectors would be exempted from the fees, indicated the statement, noting the current decision would be in effect as of December 18, 2022. (end) tms.gta