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EU considers using seized Russian money for rebuilding Ukraine

BRUSSELS, Dec 2 (KUNA) -- EU High Representative Josep Borrell unveiled Friday that the European Union is studying the use of seized and frozen Russian money to finance Ukraine rebuilding.
"Who is going to pay for it? Russia has to pay for it. This is part of the accountability," Borrel told reporters during a visit to a new training site for Ukrainian forces.
"We have 300 billion euro (USD 315 billion) seized from the assets of the Russian Central Bank. And we have seized 20 billion euro (USD 21 billion) from the Russian oligarchs. We are studying all legal procedures in order for this money to be used on rebuilding Ukraine," he added.
Meanwhile, Borrel announced that the European Union's training facility for Ukrainian soldiers in Brzeg, Poland is already working.
"This Mission will train 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers, it is going to cost to the European Union budget 100 million euro (USD 105 million) and, already, now, 1,100 soldiers are being trained in different camps," he said.
"20 EU Member States participate in this Mission. It is the widest military mission that the European Union has ever done for any partner. This Mission will generate additional training offers to address the Ukrainian needs. I have seen here not only EU Officers, but also British and Canadians," he said.
He said that the EU will also provide resources: 16 million euro (USD 16.8 million) for lethal equipment for training purposes.
"And more will come. Other countries will join us: Norway, for example, not a European Union member, has announced they will be supporting this Mission financially with 15 million euro (USD 15.7 million) in order to provide the required ammunition and training material," he said. (end) nk.ibi