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Health ministry reassures public: Kuwait is "safe" after incoming cholera case recorded

Kuwait Health Ministry
Kuwait Health Ministry

KUWAIT, Nov 27 (KUNA) -- The Health Ministry reassures the public that Kuwait is "safe" after a case of cholera from a neighbouring country was spotted, spokesman Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad said on Monday, pointing to water safety and safe sanitation as factors that prevent the disease's spread.
The case recently monitored is a single incident and travel-related, explained the official in an interview with KTV, adding that the case's contacts were "traced and examined by following the protocols in force." He referred to "some precautions that should be observed when traveling to some endemic areas," including the constant thorough washing of hands and drinking bottled water and juices.
Also, the use of boiled or bottled water when preparing food, avoiding foods of an unknown origin, cooking food well and avoiding undercooked seafood.
Cholera is a disease that occurs due to a bacterial infection, mostly caused by eating contaminated food or drinking water contaminated by bacteria, he further explained.
The disease causes severe diarrhea, but is not transmitted through breathe.
He pointed out that "the protocol followed in Kuwait is through taking an accurate medical history for people coming from countries where the disease is prevalent." This is in the case that one of the specific symptoms appears within seven days of arrival, such as diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, dehydration, or sunken eyes, extreme thirst, or painful muscle spasms in advanced cases.
He stated that if one of these symptoms appears, a sample is taken from the returning traveller and sent to the laboratory, and at the same time, the results of the sample are followed up and communication is made with those in contact. (end) tms.sd