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Kuwaiti students attend classes Sunday free from covid constraints

KUWAIT, Oct 1 9KUNA) -- Intermediate and high school students flock to schools on Sunday kicking off the new scholastic year (2022-2023) in an atmosphere free of constraints that had been enforced due to the coronavirus over the recent years.
In preparation for the new scholastic year, the ministry of education personnel have recently become preoccupied with equipping the schools with necessary items and doing other works such as installations' maintenance.
The schools had to be re-prepared after many of them were transformed into electoral centers for the parliamentary elections that concluded on Friday.
The academic year kicked off at start of the passing week, with more than 4,000 students showing up the Kuwait University classes.
Kuwait, during the Covid-19 crisis, had to take a series of measures to ensure peoples' safety, namely adopting an online teaching regime. (end) fr.msa.rk