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Denmark reports leak at Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline

BERLIN, Sept 27 (KUNA) -- Denmark has reported a leak in the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, just one day after detecting other gas leaks in the Nord Stream 2, raising suspicions about a deliberate act of sabotage.
"It is unusual, and I would like to say that we, on the part of the government and the authorities, take it very seriously," Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen told reporters on Tuesday.
Both pipelines transport Russian gas to Germany via the Baltic Sea.
She argued that three leaks are too many to be a coincidence and that sabotage cannot be ruled out.
"We cannot rule sabotage out. It is too early to conclude yet, but it is an extraordinary situation, and there are three leaks, and therefore it is difficult to imagine that it could be accidental," she said.
Meanwhile, the German Federal Energy Agency stated that the leaks did not detected in the German territorial waters and it is following up investigations into the issue. (end) anj.kna.ibi