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Int'l media keen on covering Kuwait legislative elections

By Abdulaziz Al-Hussaini

KUWAIT, Sept 27 (KUNA) -- International media have been covering parliamentary elections in the State of Kuwait in a way that reflected the democratic practices in the north Gulf country.
"Arab and international media are keen on covering the transparent parliamentary elections in Kuwait, which also witness campaigning in an atmosphere of freedom of expression," Saad Al-Saeedi, bureau chief of Al-Jazeera news channel, told KUNA.
"Kuwait National Assembly is unique in the region and its public discussions coupled with its supervision role attract the Arab and Western media," he said.
The parliament in Kuwait, added Al-Saeedi, represented "political freedom, freedom of choice and the ability to ratify treaties and agreements ... a matter that we may not see in some countries." The parliament and the government, he added, contributed to running affairs of the state, domestically and internationally.
Participation of women, who represent more than 50 percent of voters, was an added value to the political scene.
Saad Al-Enezi, Sky news Arabia bureau chief, said the 60-year-old democratic experience in Kuwait was "unique and deeply-rooted in the Kuwaiti society." The National Assembly, said Al-Enezi, represented the democratic aspect of the Kuwaiti people and the elections contributed to political, economic and social interaction amongst the public, a fact admired by other nations.
This year's elections, he noted, have new "political reality which was the result of the Amiri address to the nation that emphasized commitment to the constitution and non-interference in elections in order to rectify the political path in the nation." Ahmad Al-Masri, German news agency's (DPA) correspondent in Kuwait, said the national assembly was "one of the best legislative institutions in the area due to its sound practices in the development of Kuwait, and this exactly the role of the assembly in democracies." Speaking to KUNA, Al-Masri said the entire country was mobilized to guarantee success of the elections in order to bring about success to elections.
Shahad Al-Matrouk, Al-Arabiya news channel reporter, said elections were "genuine practice of democracy in which people select their own destiny through their 50 representatives." People are eagerly waiting outcome of the September 29 elections, she said, while foreigners would have a chance to have a first-hand account of democracy in Kuwait. (end) ad.bs