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Typhoon Noru kills five people in Philippines

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 26 (KUNA) -- Philippine authorities stated Monday that a super typhoon affecting capital and northern provinces killed five people, leading authorities to close down schools and government bodies.
In a press conference transmitted by Philippine national TV, President Ferdinand Marcos ordered the increase of supply and aid to affected communities.
Marcos announced suspending schools and government bodies in Luzon island, which comprises more than two thirds of the country's economy and around half the population.
Governor of Bulacan province, Daniel Fernando, stated to a radio channel that five emergency responders lost their lives as they were swept away with the floods.
Around 75,000 people were evacuated last week prior to arrival of typhoon, in adherance to metrological agency warning of heavy rains leading to dangerous floods and landslides.
Typhoon Noru arrived to Luzon main island last Saturday, with a wind speed of 175 kilometers per hour and gusts up to 290 kmph, but decreased in speed as it arrived to land.
The metrological agency added that the typhoon is making its way to Vietnam.
The Philippines is an archipelagic state consisting of more than 7600 islands and sees an average of 20 typhoons annually. The most detrimental was typhoon Haiyan in 2013, which killed 6300 persons and left in its wake great destruction. (end) aab.aai