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Russia accuses West of instigating new 'Cold War'

MOSCOW, Sept 23 (KUNA) -- Russia on Friday accused the West of instigating a new 'Cold War', tabling the 'Caribbean Crisis' as a conflict-resolving example to follow.
The Caribbean Crisis of 1962 is an example of how when two powerful nations set aside their differences for the benefit of all mankind, said Alexander Veneditkov, Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council, as quoted by state-run TASS agency.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to bring all his country's weaponry into play in response to nuclear "threats" made by the United States and the West.
Historians and experts almost agreed that the Caribbean Crisis, or Cuban Missile Crisis, was the tensest event of the Cold War, reaching the brink of a nuclear showdown between the United States and the former Soviet Union. (end) as.aai