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Kuwait Info. Min.: Setting plans to meet media challenges 'important'

CAIRO, Sept 22 (KUNA) -- It is important to exert great effort in setting clear and objective plans to meet future media challenges, said a Kuwaiti official on Thursday.
Speaking at the 52nd session of the Arab Information Ministers Council, Kuwait's Minister of Information and Culture and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Abdulrahman Al-Mutairi said that preparing and training Arab media cadres was essential for development.
He stressed that youth were an essential part of the media equation, indicating that this sector of society should be provided with adequate opportunity to create within the media realm.
Traditional and digital media played an integral role in dealing with current crises affecting the world, noted the minister, saying that individuals and society as a whole were tasked with addressing problems positively and coming up with solutions whether in media or elsewhere.
Regarding Kuwait's media efforts, Minister Al-Mutairi revealed that his country was up-to-date with technology used in media, indicating that Kuwaitis had included this sector in their plans for development.
He noted that the messages broadcasted by Kuwait maintained the state's stances on several issues including the just Palestinian cause.
The Minister renewed his condemnation of all acts perpetrated by the Israeli occupiers against Palestinians, saying that Kuwait denounced such heinous crimes against not only Palestine but also human rights. (end) The Arab Information Ministers meeting include topics such as the Palestinian cause, the Arab media strategy 2022-26, and other topics of importance. (Pickup previous) ms.gta