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Russian Pres. accuses US of trying to "prolong" Ukraine crisis

MOSCOW, Aug 16 (KUNA) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday accused the US of seeking to prolong the ongoing Ukraine conflict.
Putin made the accusation in a speech he delivered during the 10th annual Moscow Conference on International Security held between August 15-17.
He said Washington is also fueling "the potential for conflict in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
"The situation in Ukraine shows that the US is trying to prolong this conflict. And they act in exactly the same way, fueling the potential for conflict in Asia, Africa, and Latin America," Putin said.
The Russian president billed US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's recent visit to Taiwan as part of a strategy designed to disrupt the regional situation.
"The American adventure in relation to Taiwan is not just a trip of an individual irresponsible politician, but part of a purposeful, conscious US strategy to destabilize and make chaotic the situation in the region and the world," he elaborated.
Meanwhile, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that his country has no need to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.
"From a military point of view, there is no need to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine to achieve the set goals," he was quoted as saying.
The minister pointed out that the main purpose of Russian nuclear weapons is to deter a nuclear attack. (end) as.mt