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MoH announces availability of second booster of Covid-19 vaccine

MoH announces availability of second booster of Covid-19 vaccine
KUWAIT, July 3 (KUNA) -- The Ministry of Health (MoH) announced on Sunday the availability of the Coronavirus second booster dose according to the ministry's regulations.
This booster, which is the fourth Covid-19 consecutive vaccine dose, is of great importance for some segments of the society including those prone to severe complications in case they get infected by the Covid-19 virus, the Ministry added in a statement today.
They should only take this second booster after a period of four months after taking the first Covid-19 dose booster, which is the third consecutive Covid-19 vaccine, it added.
The Ministry called on all the people aged above 50 years old, as well as people aged above 12 years old to take the second booster, especially those suffering from low immunity system like cancer patients undergoing chemical treatment, and patients of organ transplantation receiving medications that decrease the immunity system, or those receiving high doses of Cortisone which decreases the body immunity.
It also called on individuals aged 12 and above to tale the first Covid-19 booster, according to the latest scientific and international recommendations, in order to enhance the immunity gained from the first two Covid-19 vaccine doses.
The Ministry also stressed the importance of taking the first and second Covid-19 vaccine doses for children aged five years old and above to decrease the possibility of severe infections by the virus, wishing all segments of the society everlasting health and safety. (end) msa.kda.lb