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China says development of military equipment not targeting any country

TOKYO, July 1 (KUNA) -- China said its development and upgrading of its military equipment are not targeting any country or specific objective, state-run Xinhua News Agency reported Friday. National Defense Ministry spokesman Tan Kefei made the remarks Thursday in response to a media inquiry on whether China will follow the recent launch of its third aircraft carrier with the construction of more such vessels, according to the report.
"China will not constitute a threat to any country or any region, as they are oriented toward safeguarding the country's national sovereignty, security and development interests," Tan said "China's future aircraft carrier plans will be considered in accordance with the demand of the country's national security and the development of its military technology," he added.
He stressed that the development of the China-US military relationship requires sincerity and effort from both sides, saying, "We urge the US side to abandon the Cold War zero-sum mentality and take concrete actions to create favorable conditions for the healthy and stable development of the military-to-military relationship." (end) mk.nhq