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Giving arms to Ukraine will prolong war -- Russia warns

MOSCOW, June 28 (KUNA) -- Russia warned on Tuesday that supplying Ukraine with arms and ammunition would extend the war in the country.
Western states' insistence on supplying Ukraine with the arms is harmful and would prolong the war, the Russian News Agency Tass quoted Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov as saying during a meeting with foreign minister of Baltic states held in Ashgabad, capital of Turkminstan. He assailed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for moving military assets eastwards.
Lavrov said he agreed with his peers from the Baltic countries to enhance regional military cooperation in the face of deployment of "foreign forces in the Caspian Sea." Top leaders of the Baltic states, namely Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Turmenistan and Azerbaijan are due to hold a summit in Ashgabad to discuss regional cooperation.
Russia launched "the special military operation" in Ukraine last February after accusing Kyiv of plotting to be aligned with Moscow's foes. (end) as.rk