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Qatar hosts indirect nuclear talks between US, Iran

DOHA, June 28 (KUNA) -- Qatar hosts indirect talks between the United States and Iran to restart the nuclear accord during this week sponsored by the European Union (EU) coordinator.
In a statement on Tuesday, Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed that Qatar is fully ready to provide the necessary atmosphere that would help make successful talks with all parties.
Qatar hopes that these indirect talks would culminate in positive results that would contribute to restarting the nuclear accord signed in 2015, thus enhancing security and peace in the region, added the Ministry.
Negotiations between Iran and the countries of the Group 4+1 to restart the nuclear accord stopped nearly three months ago due to failure to resolve some outstanding issues between both Iranian and American parties.
Former US President Donald Trump imposed severe financial and economic sanctions against Tehran after his withdrawal in 2018 from the nuclear accord, which was formed by Iran and major powers in 2015. (end) nnd.seo