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German chancellor warns of multipolar world following Ukrainian war

BERLIN, June 27 (KUNA) -- German chancellor Olaf Scholz warned on Monday that the Ukrainian war, running since last February, might lead to a multipolar world.
In a statement, Olaf, the rotating President of the of the Group of Seven industrialized countries (G7) summit held in southern Germany said, "We must be careful not to fall into a trap set by the Russian President Vladimir Putin aiming to divide the world many polars.
On the sideline of the (G7)'s meeting, Olaf referred to the five non-Western countries to attend this year's summit, namely India, Indonesia, South Africa, Senegal and Argentina.
"The Russian aggression against Ukraine has caused harm to all parts of the world, amid rising fears of food crisis and high prices", stressing in the same time the need to negotiate with the five mentioned countries.
He also stressed the need for international solidarity in order to prevent global food crises, which the second day of the summit will focus on. Three of the five non-Western countries invited to the summit, namely India, South Africa and Senegal, did not take a clear position condemning the Russian war in Ukraine.
According to the summit's program, the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will deliver a speech from a distance about the war in his country.
The Ukrainian war and the global food crisis will top the discussion the second day of the summit, as the leaders of the aforementioned countries are scheduled to participate in the summit's meetings, The G7 summit kicked off yesterday in the southern German state of Bavaria and will continue until tomorrow, Tuesday. (end) anj.nhq