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Houthi militias continue procrastination on UN-mediated truce accord

Report by Sami Nu'man ADEN, June 27 (KUNA) -- The UN-mediate truce for Yemen that went into effect in April is entering its third month however it has remained marred with some obstacles such as the Houthi militias' intransigence against reopening roads around the southwestern city of Taiz.
Speaking at a news conference on Sunday outside the city that has been besieged by the militias since eight years ago, the head of the government negotiating team, MP Abdulkarim Shiban, affirmed that the militias have dishonored their commitments in this respect.
He lambasted the Houthi militias for procrastination and insistence on keeping the siege, criticizing their proposal to reopen some very narrow routes where truckloads of necessities cannot pass and relieve the besieged the five million residents of the city.
He urged the UN envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, and the international organization to issue a statement pin pointing the obstructing party holding the Houthis responsible for wasting time and maintaining their grip on the city.
The militias have notified the UN envoy for Yemen that their stance on reopening some narrow routes have not changed, rejecting the proposal he tabled on June 6 after two rounds of talks in the Jordanian capital, Amman, between delegations of the Yemeni Government and the Houthis.
The UN blueprint stipulates gradual reopening of three roads around Taiz, in addition to a fourth one linking it with Aden and a fifth one between Demet and Dalea, with guarantees for safety of civilians using these roads.
The government delegation had considered the UN plan as the minimum of Taiz population's demands, calling for setting a timetable for reopening the roads. Additionally, the Minister of Legal Affairs and Human Rights, Ahmad Arman, said in remarks to KUNA that the Yemeni Government had sensed no signs whether the militias would indeed respect the accord.
Minister Arman said the militias, over the past two months, repeatedly breached the truce. Moreover, there are documented information affirming that the militias have been intensively planting mines, digging trenches and transporting heavy weapons to positions around Taiz, taking advantage of the government forces' adherence to the cease-fire. Furthermore, they have been enlisting very young Yemenis including children to fight in their ranks.
Also, they have been forwarding non-substantive ideas, implying their intention to continue their policy of dodging and procrastination with respect of reopening the Taiz roads and easing off hardships suffered by some five million people residing in the southwestern city, added the minister in his statement to the Kuwaiti news agency.
Meanwhile, Yemen's legitimate government, he adds, has honored its commitments regarding the truce agreement, scheduling flights from Sanaa airport and allowing movement of oil tankers via Al-Hodaida port.
He urged the UN, the US and the European states to take a firm stance against the militias' intransigence and their ongoing maneuvering, endangering further the shaky truce. (end) sns.rk