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G7 nations convene for summit with Russia sanctions in focus

BERLIN, June 26 (KUNA) -- Leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) nations assembled in Germany on Sunday for a summit overshadowed by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, with emphasis on stiffening sanctions on Moscow as part of efforts to end the war.
The talks in the Bavarian Alps will focus on how the Russia-Ukraine conflict has thrown global food and energy supplies into disarray, causing major disruptions that threaten the food security of countries around the world, the German government said in a statement.
The main issues to be addressed during the summit run the gamut from investment and economic cooperation to healthcare and infrastructure, while the talks will also examine the notion of "equal progress and development" among countries, it added.
On the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the summit will delve into the fledgling food crisis the war has triggered, thanks to the halt on the export of millions of tonnes of Ukrainian grain, it underlined.
The repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic will also be among the matters discussed, particularly addressing efforts to ensure that healthcare systems around the world will be better able to deal with any future outbreaks. The G7 groups seven of the world's most advances economies including Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States .(end) anj.nam