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Biden signs bipartisan gun safety bill into law

WASHINGTON, June 25 (KUNA) -- US President Joe Biden signed into law Saturday the bipartisan gun safety bill.
The "Bipartisan Safer Communities Act," which passed the House of Representatives overwhelmingly on party lines on Friday, is the most significant gun violence legislation in three decades.
In remarks at the White House, Biden said "this bill doesn't do everything I want, but includes actions I've longed called for that saves lives." "Today, we say more than enough. We say more than enough," he added. "At a time when it seems impossible to get anything done in Washington, we are doing something consequential." He continued "I know thereآ’s much more work to do and Iآ’m never going to give up, but this is a monumental day." "I want to thank the leaders and members of the House and Senate for working together to get this done," he remarked.
After he signed the bill, Biden said "God willing, this will help save a lot of lives." The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act enhances "certain restrictions and penalties on firearms purchases; promotes evidence-based best practices for school safety; authorizes grants to expand access to mental health services; and appropriates emergency funding for mental health resources and school safety measures," according to the White House. (end) si.rk