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US House of Representatives passes first gun control bill in decades

WASHINGTON, June 24 (KUNA) -- The US House of Representatives passed Friday a bipartisan gun control bill to counter the alarming rise in the number of mass shootings across the country.
The bill which was passed by 234 to 193 votes a day after it was passed in the Senate by 65 to 33 votes in the first federal gun safety measure in decades.
The bill will be referred to President Joe Biden's office to be signed into law.
It allocates millions of dollars for states to finance mental health, school safety, crisis intervention programs, and provides incentives for states to have juvenile records in the national system for quick background checks.
It also makes significant changes in selling firearms to individuals between the ages of 18 and 21.
The bill prohibits anyone convicted of or believed to have committed "domestic violence" from owning a weapon. (end) rsr.ara