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UK railway union' second strike causes major travel disruptions

LONDON, June 23 (KUNA) -- The British railway and shipping union's strike on Thursday, for the second time this week, has caused major disruptions to the movement of main trains and, to a lesser extent, London (underground) trains.
The union's general secretary, Mick Lynch, warned in a press statement that the strikes last Tuesday, today and the day after tomorrow, Saturday, "will not be the last" if the demands are not met, foremost of which is the suspension of plans to lay off employees and raise wages by at least seven percent.
Lynch accused the government of putting pressure on the heads of transport companies to push them not to respond to these demands, despite the fact that there is room to achieve them, stressing that union members are determined to keep all the demands as they are and resort to more strikes if necessary.
On Tuesday, a strike by public transport workers in Britain caused severe disruptions in the transport network and almost paralyzed the intercity train service in England, Scotland, Wales, and the (underground) of the capital London. (end) mrn.aa