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Iraq Kurdistan's gov't keen on bolstering tourism - official

Iraq Kurdistan region is  keen on bolstering tourism
Iraq Kurdistan region is keen on bolstering tourism
IRBIL, June 23 (KUNA) -- The Iraqi Kurdistan region is keen on bolstering tourism in its region, said an official on Thursday.
Speaking to KUNA, Minister of Municipalities and Tourism in Sasan Awni said that the government in the region was eager to diversify its economy to include income other from oil and agriculture.
The latest amendments on laws concerning tourism would aim at attracting more investments and tourists, he affirmed.
There would be renovations to over 5,000 archaeological site frequented by tourists from the region and the world, Awni indicating, adding that new Irbil museum would be a venue heard about from far and near.
Kurdistan region is known for its fair weather throughout the seasons and fantastic sceneries, attracting visitors from within Iraq, neighboring countries, and abroad.
The number of tourists visiting Kurdistan Iraq in 2018 reached three million people, according to the public authority for tourism.
Some 15 percent of said tourists were from Turkey, Iraq, the GCC, and European countries. (end) sbr.gta