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Biden urges Congress to pass 90-day fuel tax halt to bring down prices

WASHINGTON, June 23 (KUNA) -- US President Joe Biden on Wednesday called on the Congress to approve suspending the country's fuel tax for 90 days and on refineries to increase their output in a move aimed to bring down the surging cost of the commodity.
"Today, I'm calling for a federal gas tax holiday, (and) state gas tax holiday for the equivalent relief to customers; oil companies to use their profits to increase refining capacity rather than buy back their own stock; gas stations to pass along the decrease in oil prices, to lower prices at the pump," he said in an address at the White House.
The US federal government charges an USD 0.18 tax per gallon of petroleum and USD 0.24 per gallon of diesel.
"Together, these actions could help drop the price at the pump by up to USD 1 a gallon or more," he predicted. (end) rsr.sd