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UK lawmakers commend outgoing Kuwaiti envoy for role in boosting ties

LONDON, June 22 (KUNA) -- The Speaker of the House of Commons of the UK Lindsay Hoyle commended last night on Tuesday the role played by Kuwait's Ambassador to the UK and Northern Ireland Khaled Al-Duwaisan, throughout three decades of tireless diplomatic work in London.
Hoyle said this in his speech during a ceremony held in the House of Commons over the end of the mission of Al-Duwaisan, whether as ambassador or dean.
Al-Duwaisan is distinguished by his great ability to lead dialogues on issues linked to the Middle East region and even various international issues, Hoyle underlined, considering that it is difficult to replace him in the roles and tasks he performed to the fullest.
Every deputy or politician in the UK must have met Al-Duwaisan at least once, he said, mentioning that their friendship dates back to 1997 after he was appointed as a member of the Labor Party in the elections won by former Prime Minister Tony Blair.
He considered that Al-Duwaisan deserves gratitude for everything he has done and worked for, to bring the Kuwaiti-British ties to their level of solidity and interdependence.
Hoyle then presented a souvenir to Al-Duwaisan over the end of his tenure as an expression of the council's appreciation for the role he played in developing ties between both sides.
Meanwhile, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson acclaimed Al-Duwaisan's role in strengthening strong ties between the UK, Kuwaiti government and people.
In Johnson's written message to the official farewell ceremony for Al-Duwaisan, he said that the sincerity and dedication to the work that Al-Duwaisan did during his thirty years of service was not only reflected in the bilateral ties between them but worldwide, in his full capacity as Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in London.
Johnson wished Al-Duwaisan more success in the future, adding that the UK government truly appreciates his contributions over the years of his service.
In turn, UK's MP UK Crispin Blunt extolled Al-Duwaisan, saying that everyone who knew him states that he was and still is full of enthusiasm in a way that can be described as heroic, not to mention his ability to bring people of all walks of life together while discussing vital issues.
Blunt revealed that he first met Al-Duwaisan in 1993 when he worked as an advisor to the British defense minister.
His friendship with Al-Duwaisan was, is, and will continue to be a strong one with mutual respect that reflects the acceptance by the brigadier general among politicians and diplomats who knew him.
Blunt confirmed that his knowledge of Al-Duwaisan, Kuwait and the Gulf region in general was further enhanced after he held the position of special adviser to the British foreign minister, as he became close to Gulf issues that are of paramount importance.
For his part, UK's MP Andrew Murrison said that Al-Duwaisan is a distinguished diplomatic personality who deserved being the dean.
In his speech, Murrison was upset over the end of Al-Duwaisan's roles, underscoring that he is giving and can offer a lot to his country and the Middle East. (end) kd.lr