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Rail strikes paralyses UK travel network

LONDON, June 21 (KUNA) -- A strike by public transport workers in Britain on Tuesday caused severe disruptions in the transport network and almost paralyzed the intercity train service in England, Scotland, Wales, and the (underground) of the capital London.
Media reports issued by the various official bodies and unions of railway workers said that about 80 percent of trains stopped working, affecting millions of travelers, especially those who depend on public transport to join their jobs in different cities.
Britain was hobbled by its largest railway strike in three decades, causing obstruction to travelers from reaching major train stations in the capital, such as (King Cross), (Eustin), (Paddington) and (Victoria), Media reports said.
These stations, in turn, are linked to direct main lines towards various London airports, the most important of which are (Heathrow), (Gatwick) and (Luton), as well as linking with major cities such as (Birmingham), (Manchester) and (Liverpool), in addition to (Cardiff), (Glasgow) and (Edinburgh).
The paralysis of train lines and subway stations extended to the tourism sector, on which the country depends heavily, not only the London residents and workers.
According to the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC, Transport services (Uber) witnessed a significant increase in prices in London.
On the other hand, traffic on public roads has recorded an unusual density, with many people resorting to using their cars despite the high fuel prices, and the capital's entry tax in addition to obstructing pedestrian movement in some busy main streets, the BBC added.
Earlier Tuesday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on unions responsible for organizing the strike to sit at the negotiating table with heads of transport companies in order to find a consensual formula to end the crisis.
In a press statement, Johnson described this strike as an "unnecessarily escalatory act" that harms the interests of the public.
Trade unions will return to strike on Thursday and next Saturday, which will cause more problems for travelers and more financial losses for transport companies and the economy in general, the reports stated.(end) kd.nhq