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WHO adopts Kuwaiti-backed resolution for Palestinian healthcare system technical support

Kuwait's Health Minister Dr Khaled Al-Saeed
Kuwait's Health Minister Dr Khaled Al-Saeed
GENEVA, May 25 (KUNA) -- The World Health Organisation adopted a Kuwaiti-backed resolution aimed at providing support and health-related technical assistance to people in the occupied Palestinian territories, including east Jerusalem, and the occupied Syrian Golan.
The resolution, discussed during a World Health Assembly session, outlines WHO-centered focus on the development of Palestinian human resources to strengthen local healthcare capacities, Kuwait's Health Minister Dr Khaled Al-Saeed told KUNA.
It also calls on the WHO director-general to strengthen partnerships with other United Nations agencies, aimed at enhancing the humanitarian health response to Palestinians under Israeli occupation, namely through the provision of aid and protection in a sustainable and comprehensive manner.
Commenting on the move, the minister said that "Kuwait contributed to the drafting of the resolution in cooperation with the Arab Group and the participation of Pakistan.
"This decision reflects the commitment of the Arab Group to support Palestinian rights at international forums," he added, explaining that the matter is a "pivotal issue in regards to the promotion of world peace." (end) ta.sd