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US "deeply concerned" over potential increased military activity in northern Syria

WASHINGTON, May 24 (KUNA) -- The US voiced deep concern over "potential increased military activity in Northern Syria," saying it condemns any escalation, a statement by the US State Department said Tuesday.
"We are deeply concerned about reports and discussions of potential increased military activity in Northern Syria and, in particular, its impact on the civilian population there," State Department Spokesperson Ned Price told reporters during a briefing. "We condemn any escalation." He affirmed, "we support maintenance of the current cease fire lines. We believe it's crucial for all sides to maintain and respect the cease fire zones that serve to enhance stability in Syria and to work towards a political solution to this conflict." He added "we expect Turkey to live up to the October 2019 joint statement, including to halt offensive operations in Northeast Syria." He continued "we recognize Turkey's legitimate security concerns on Turkey's southern border but any new offensive would further undermine regional stability and put at risk US forces in the coalition's campaign" against the so-called Islamic State (IS). (end) si.mb