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Iraq urges nationals to report information about missing Kuwaiti POWs

BAGHDAD, May 24 (KUNA) -- Iraq's ministries of foreign and defense affairs renewed a call upon citizens on Tuesday to report any information regarding remains of missing Kuwaitis or Kuwaiti properties.
The two ministries affirmed in statement the keenness of the Iraqi government and people on cooperating in that regard, as it goes in accordance with Iraq's international commitments.
The ministries also provided several phone numbers, including of Kuwaiti missions in the country, Iraqis, in and out of the country, could call.
Foreign affairs ministry 009647901935623 - 009647901935622 Human rights department within the Iraqi ministry of defense 009647901945476 Red Cross international committee in Iraq 009647730157444 - 009647901930784 - 009647502120245 The file of the missing Kuwaitis and the Kuwaiti archive had been restricted to the Iraqi human rights ministry before it was shifted to the defense ministry. Later on, the foreign affairs department was added. (end) ahh.aai