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Min. Al-Shurain'an: Commodities' prices under ministerial supervision to prevent hike

Minister of Commerce and Industry Fahad Al-Shuraian
Minister of Commerce and Industry Fahad Al-Shuraian
KUWAIT, May 23 (KUNA) -- The prices of commodities will be under the supervision and monitoring of the Ministry Commerce and Industry to prevent any hike in prices and maintain food security for households in Kuwait, said a top state official on Monday.
Speaking to KUNA and Kuwait Television after the cabinet meeting, Minister of Commerce and Industry Fahad Al-Shuraian affirmed that the ministry was able to maintain prices of local commodities and products despite the hike in global prices due to war and other mishaps.
Kuwait Imports 95 percent of food products and any increase in prices was reflective of the alarming global situation, indicated the minister, noting that today's cabinet meeting had focused on establishing a ministerial committee tasked with bolstering food security.
The committee will be headed by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Oil and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Dr. Mohammad Al-Fares and includes the membership of several ministers, added Al-Shuraian.
He revealed that the cabinet had instructed several government to secure essential commodities and make them readily available to the public. (end) jy.gta